Secrets to Increase Your Libido the Natural Way

The sex drive or your libido can change over time.  Different factors will have an impact on your libido. Stressful working life, the bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, etc, all can have an impact on your sexual life. Also, you need to take care of your genitals. If you got any infection or any irritation, then the sex life will be badly affected. For men, ball chafing is one of the major let down of sexual life. You can use the best ball chafing cream for men available online or in the market to soothe the irritation. There are different ways one can improve the appetite for sex naturally.

Foods to consume

  • Water- Water is very much vital for overall health. Dehydration will lead to vaginal dryness, fatigue, and
  • Iron- When the iron levels are low; you will become depressed, lethargic and lose the sex drive.
  • Bananas figs and avocados- This food will encourage the blood flow.
  • Sweet potatoes- It is rich in potassium and vitamin A which will help in lowering the blood pressure.
  • Vitamin C rich food- It ensures blood circulation which is required for libido. Red peppers, guava, oranges are high in vitamin C.
  • Spices- Antioxidants found in nutmeg and cloves are excellent for your health and also for your sex drive.
  • Nuts- Almonds and Brazil nuts will improve your sexual drive as it contains selenium at high levels.
  • Omega -3 fatty acids- It helps in normal functioning of your body and helps in regulating the hormone balance.

Lifestyle changes one need to adopt to improve your libido

  • Quit smoking and reduce the intake of alcohol
  • Do regular exercise
  • Avoid stress and involve in meditation. Adopt stress-management techniques
  • Focus on the relationship. Communicate with your partner.
  • Focus on getting good quality sleep
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Reasons Why Losing Weight Gets Harder As You Get Thinner

Many of my clients ask me, why do have I started to plateau and my weight loss velocity has decreased from my original velocity to what it is now? Many people remark on how much harder it is to shed 5 pounds and how much more cravings and the such they report than they did before. There are many reasons why losing weight gets harder as you lose more weight, this has been documented many, many times over and it follows the general rule of the law of diminishing marginal returns in economics, simply put, the more and more you get in terms of returns the harder and harder it is to get those returns. Here are the main reasons why:

  • Your initial 5-10 pounds may have just been water weight

The initial 5-10 pounds you lost at the beginning of your journey may have just been water weight, which after exercising a decent amount comes right off. This may happen if your body fat percentage has not dropped significantly (over 1% decrease) and it means that you’ve been hoodwinked by your body. This means that the easy gains are over and you can’t continue on with the same, try increasing your calorie deficit or increase your workout regimen.

  • You are starting to get worn down and have cheated a couple of times

Many people as they lose weight get worn down and start eating a bit less healthy, this effect is usually quite hard to see as a result of it being quite gradual in appearance. For example, at the beginning of your regimen you may have not eaten any fast food, but now you eat it once a week.

To get out of this trap, we recommend Garcinia Cambogia, Garcinia cambogia Customer Reviews are essential before buying. So read up!

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