Health Checks You Should Have: A Complete Checklist

Health screening is very much important for the prevention of disease.  The health checkup involves checking or testing for the condition in early stages before the actual symptoms develop. Below mentioned is the list of health checkup which should be taken by men and women.

Health checkup

High blood pressure- This checkup should be done by both men and women who are aged above 18 years of age.  It helps in keeping a check on your blood pressure and should be ideally done once in 2 years.

High cholesterol- The cholesterol level should be checked by people who are 45 years and above. Triglyceride and cholesterol blood test would be done to ascertain the cholesterol level. It should be done at least once in 5 years.

A cardiovascular disease like stroke and heart attack- The risk assessments to be done for people above 45 years of age. The tests include urine albumin and protein test, cholesterol blood test, BMI measurements, waist circumference, and electrocardiogram.  The test should be repeated depending on the initial risk assessment.

  • High risk- regular review
  • Moderate risk- 6 or 12 months
  • Low risk- 2 years.

Diabetes type 2- This test should be done regularly for people above 40 years at least once in 3 years. The blood test conducted would be HbA1c and fasting blood sugar.

Breast cancer- All the women should conduct mammogram test every year after they cross the age of 50 years. Especially for those women, who have a history of breast cancer should talk with their doctor to know more about screening.

Bowel cancer- People who have an increased risk of cancer should get a colonoscopy or FOBT done after the age of 50 years and should be done regularly every 2 years. You could talk to capsule endoscopy practicioner to get more idea about it.

Kidney disease- People who have the habit of smoking and are obese should conduct kidney check after 50 years of age.…

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