The Best Sports You Can Do With Your Dog

Keeping your dog physically active can be a real challenge if you are not into physical activity yourself. For a person who runs regularly, taking your dog along will be the most natural and easiest way to keep them physically active. However, a dog needs more and here are some ideas to give them what they actually need:

  • Fly Ball

Getting your dog to play this will take some training and a lot of time but eventually will work out well. This is a dog relay where your dog will have to cross a number of hurdles to retrieve a tennis ball. The then comes back to the starting line and the next dog starts his run. No matter what the size of your dog is, he can play this and with other dogs as well.

  • Sheepdog Trials

Specifically designed for sheepdogs, this sport requires your sheepdog to heard a flock of sheep around hurdles. The idea here is to get the sheep to move over obstacles, bridges, etc and get them back into their pen. This is a great way to train them to herd sheep as well.

  • Agility

An obstacle race for dogs, where your dog will not only have to go through obstacles but will also be watched and timed. You can guide your dog but not help him. This will be a great way to challenge your dog’s physical strength, agility, mind, his understanding of your commands, etc.

  • Dock Diving

For those who want a water sport for their mutts, this could be a great option. Dogs are made to jump from an elevated platform into the pool of water below. The dog that jumps the farthest will be the winner. If your dog loves water, this could be the best sport you can get him involved in.

One thing all dog owners should be proactive about is fleas. When you get your dog to play outdoors with other dogs, their chances of getting infected with fleas is higher. Read a few flea and tick prevention reviews to come up with ideas to prevent and clean your dog of ticks easily.

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