How To Prevent And Treat 7 Common Skin Conditions

There are various types of skin issues that you can find with various types of symptoms. From just acne, to eczema, to psoriasis or just rosacea. With the right amount of care and treatment, one can easily cure their own skin problems, and thereby reduce any kind of pain or problems they may be suffering. Skin conditions vary from person to person, and all of them have very different ways to treat them. So, without further wasting any more time, let’s jump on the list of all the seven common skin conditions, and tips on how to prevent them.

7 Skin Problems That Are Common And Preventable


  • Spider Veins : This is one of the most common problems, where the veins under your skin are weak, due to weak veins in your legs, and thus show as purple or blue starbursts. Weak veins won’t be able circulate blood in the best way possible to your heart. This is the reason why it is always advised to follow furoshiki shoes buyers guide for your beautiful legs.
    Prevention – There is a treatment known as sclerotherapy, where a single injection of required medicine can make the veins collapse, and thus get disappeared by forming a scar tissue. Laser removal is also there as an option.
  • Cellulite : These are the fibrous bands that are present within the fat layer, which create cellulite. Not maintaining a healthy weight causes this issue.
    Prevention – You can use cellulite creams that contain caffeine. You can also go for spa treatments that compress cellulite.
  • Back Acne : Clogged pores on the skin, at the back of your body is the reason why back acne occurs. It is both painful and unattractive.
    Prevention – Washing with benzoyl peroxide and using salicylic acid will help in mitigating this issue.
  • Ingrown Hairs : This is a situation where the hair tries to curls up under the skin, before when trying to find out a way onto the skin surface.
    Prevention – Washing and gently exfoliating the skin will do the work. You have to do this on a daily basis. Then it is recommended to wash with cool water, and also a mild astringent. You can also consult and use hydrocortisone cream as well too.
  • Scars : Scars mostly happens due to any kind of injuries in the past or due to any other kinds of skin conditions.
    Prevention – Using laser treatment or injections of corticosteroids will really do the job in improving the scars overtime.
  • Age Spots : Known as liver spots or sun spots, which occurs due to frequent exposure to the sun. This allows the formation of melanin in small patches. Occurs mostly in fair skins.
    Prevention – Using just sun screens will help you prevent this kind of skin condition.
  • Dark Circles : Dark circles are mostly caused due to fatigue, aging or just allergies. It has nothing to do with having less night sleep.
    Prevention – Creams containing caffeine or any type of cortisone will be really helpful in preventing this issue, by temporarily shrinking the blood vessels and making them less noticeable. You can even go for surgeries or fillers which are injectable as well.
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