Sea of tranquility: Sun Safety While Sailing

If you are a sailor you would be exposed to the sun quite a long time, on the deck, taking part in water sports, on beaches and so on. Cancer is one of the dreaded illnesses which one gets with exposure of too much sun. Hence you need to follow certain precautions while you go sailing to take care of yourself from the too much exposure to the sun.  If you take all the precautions then you could easily enjoy sailing tension-free. Start planning your sailing expedition and check out the yachts here at 4yacht.

 Tips to Ponder

  • You should always be in shade between 10 am and 4 pm. Try as much as possible not to step out during this time frame. This is the time the UV rays are at strongest and the chances to get burnt are more.
  • Cover yourself up with appropriate clothing so that the skin would be less exposed to the sun. Better wear cotton clothes which lets your skin breathe in the hot sun and keep you cool.
  • Always wear a good sunglass and hat to block the UV rays
  • Never forget to put on the sunscreen which got the SPF level above 15 or higher every time you step out. The sunscreen should be able to block the UVB and UVA. While you indulge in waters sports or sailing, use the water-resistant sunscreen which got SPF more than 30 and keeps re-applying the lotion. Also, you could wear the swimsuit which blocks the UV.
  • You should take a break in between if you are out in the sun for hours at a stretch. Either retreat inside the boat. Or else you can install the sunshade in the boat or on the beach. In this way, you can experience the cool breeze of the sea and at the same time could be protected from the harsh sunlight.

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