The Ultimate Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

When you are at the office it is hard to keep yourself away from all the junk food that you can buy using MovoMovo. Packing a healthy nutrition filled snack that is homemade is important so that you can keep your energy high and productivity elevated. Packing a lunchbox that is both filled with nutrition and tasty is a great task to achieve but it will be worth it once you know what are the best options out there.

  • Past salad: Since this dish is served cold it is the best option which is portable as well and if you are a person who likes hot food, you can quickly pop it in a microwave. There are a lot of options in this as well, like chicken pasta, aubergine pasta, and salmon pasta. You can prepare them and keep them in an airtight container and put it in the fridge to be eaten as needed.

  • Rice salad: If you want to keep your cravings satisfied choose a brown rice that has high-fiber. If you want to cook rice on your own, instead of using pre-cooked rice packets, cook some rice and refrigerate it to be consumed when needed.

  • Exotic salads: Salads can be prepared quickly and easily. All that is needed is all the ingredients to be chopped and put into on bowel and mixed and you are good to go. There a wide range of combinations that you can choose from. You can have your own type of salad by mixing various pulses, grains, leaves which will be the base of the salad and above which you can have a layer of fruits or vegetables, meat that is rich in protein, tofu, eggs, and To add some texture to the salad add some seeds, nuts or herbs and to finish it off the top it with spices and dressing.
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